Ways of Seeing By Edit


Throughout 2020, I was sending two weekly notes to a mailing list. Those covered topics of research through Meta Medium and industry/culture news and analysis through BlogMail.

Going into 2021, I will look to go deeper with a smaller group of people.

This weekly newsletter will cost $2.5 a week, $10 a month, with a 14-day free trial.

I will be sharing learnings from Thirdness–similar to the popular essay series on circles– and monthly Critical Business Salons. I have opened the plans for 2021 in this Figma file https://space.byed.it/circles.

You can expect more essays on new ideas in community building, online communication, non-deterministic spaces (no agenda, no output), critical thinking, and culture.

Being open-ended, this will likely not be the full extent of the value exchange, and I can see this branching into other mediums.