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On Critical Business

Over the last couple of months, I spent every Friday in Critical Business School (CBS). A new format operates on similar principles as Thirdness, a co-creation space, where people learn together but different things, where intellectual fencing is not allowed. The focus is on the range of conversation rather than any outcome.

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A Year of Meta Medium

All bloggers exercise curiosity, more so if they create value as opposed to just aggregating it. As I shared in Creative Surplus, I sometimes find myself with an overwhelming amount of curiosity that asks me to give it more time and space than an essay.

I did that in 2016 with Everything Will Happen, focusing on design for AI, language, and augmentation, and I am now finishing a similar exercise for Meta Medium: the psychology of creativity and digital habits.

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Creative Surplus

In the summer of 2015, I was finishing a wonderful engagement with CO: Collective with the big question of: how could we reframe MoMA’s relevance in a new era of culture and visitor expectations?

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