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A Year of Meta Medium

All bloggers exercise curiosity, more so if they create value as opposed to just aggregating it. As I shared in Creative Surplus, I sometimes find myself with an overwhelming amount of curiosity that asks me to give it more time and space than an essay.

I did that in 2016 with Everything Will Happen, focusing on design for AI, language, and augmentation, and I am now finishing a similar exercise for Meta Medium: the psychology of creativity and digital habits.

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Creative Surplus

In the summer of 2015, I was finishing a wonderful engagement with CO: Collective with the big question of: how could we reframe MoMA’s relevance in a new era of culture and visitor expectations?

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Slack, Scale, and Knowledge

Earlier this year, I set out to create an intentional co-creation space, a place where people can show up with their creative surplus and use it. A place to learn together, but different things; a band practice for solo artists. The hope was to set up a space where communication and discourse come before roles and transactions.

I wrote an extensive essay on the process and how circles (meta communities) are different from online communities. The ways the group meets changed on a categorical level, and I wanted to share this in case it is generative to others bringing people together online.

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Last year I had the immense pleasure of meeting Alan Kay for a Skype conversation as part of my Meta Medium work. We talked about a range of topics covering design, HCI, tools, and software. One thing he said stayed with me:

Are ideas made of matter, or are ideas made of light? You can shine as many spots on the wall as you want, and they all superpose; they all sit there. A designer is a person who tends to treat ideas like light. They don’t try to resolve them in the current context.

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